About me

My name is Kirstan Murphy Adams, I am a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience, registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.
I also specialise in Attachment assessments and interventions and hold a Masters in Attachment Theory (MSc).
I support adults, children and families by providing a secure place to explore and communicate their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Through establishing a safe and relaxed environment where you can talk about your concerns without being judged. Psychotherapy fosters self-growth and equips you with the skills to live a more fulfilling life and may be the most valuable investment you will ever make.



Wherever you are in your life I'll work with you to understand your situation and provide guidance to help you attain what you're looking for.

Difficulties with relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, parent/child relationship difficulties and family breakdowns amongst others are all issues that I am very experienced with.

I also specialise in perinatal mental heathcare, including prenatal and postnatal depression for both mothers and fathers.

I work with you to understand what factors in your life are impacting you and then provide practical solutions that will help you manage stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep patterns and strengthen relationships.

I specifically tailor the way I work with each client so as to improve your health and self-confidence, boosting your career, work-life balance and general well being.



With children I conduct play therapy such as sand play, uses of dolls and puppets and other material to aid young clients in their ongoing therapeutic process. I work closely with parents so as to provide support and guidance towards their child.

I specialise in parent-infant relationships where I assist in issues such as establishing and building a close attachment, depression and anxiety, birth traumas, loss or any unresolved issues from the parents' own early childhood.

Through observation, (video interaction guidance) the parent can witness how they interact with their baby which can aid parents in becoming a better observer which will strengthen the relationship. This can be done as part of regular therapy or I also offer a specialised 8 week programme for Mothers and/or Fathers.



I undertake attachment and family assessments that place an emphasis on gaining a full understanding of family history and relationships. Having completed extensive psychological training in a number of validated assessment procedures, these assessments offer an indepth analysis of individual and family functioning. The assessment procedures used are developmentally sensitive and includes the Adult Attachment Interview, the Parent Development Interview, the School Age Assessment of Attachment, Child Attachment and Play Assessment. Understanding of how individuals process information and how things came to be, informs intervention. Without this, interventions are likely to be ineffective.


My background

I have been practicing as a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist for over 19 years. I am a registered member with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I have undertaken an enhanced disclosure check from the criminal records bureau and I am fully insured.
The majority of my clinical work has been carried out within educational settings, agencies and private practice. I believe that building a good rapport between myself and my client is the building block of a sound therapeutic relationship. To be able to share the journey with my clients is by far the most beautiful experience, albeit being painful. Each individual has his/her own potential and my aim is to guide and uncover my client's strengths. Being able to show the client his own resources will undoubtedly support his therapeutic work.
I am empathic and warm towards my clients and I firmly believe that psychotherapy provides a safe place within which the client can begin to reclaim a sense of identity and self esteem from the chaos of modern life.